Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Best Anti-Malwares for better protection

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Taking care of Computer's Security is the most important step you should care about, because without security your works and privacy are in danger and without any importance.

Because of that, we will Give You the most Powerfull Anti-Malware List:

1- Malwarebytes:
This Program is great in this war because it has many features and does his job very well, he fights malwares, spywares, trojan...etc.
That's why this software is the best.

You can get it from here: Malwarebytes

2- SpyBot:

This Program is Developed like a war machine, and his job is " Search & Destroy ", and it's so strong against spywares and also the malwares.

You can get it from here: Spybot

3- BitDefender:

Bitdefender is a strong Antivirus and it has many features, he can be used as an antiviruses and anti malware in the same times, and we advise you to use this too because this antivirus doesn't ask too many questions, he directly goes to hard work.

You can get it from here: BitDefender

4- Zemana:
Zemana, Zemana Antimalwares
Zemana is the Turkish warrior, it has good features and can work as anti malwares, anti spywares, and anti-keylogger, and you can trust it but not that much.

You can get it from here: Zemana

So we hope you can choose the best one to protect your computer and your privacy against attacks.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

How to install multiple fonts at once

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Downloading fonts is very important for you if you are a writer, Photoshop user or something like that, but when you download them you install them one by one and that will take a lot of time, that's why we will show you how to install multiple fonts at one in 30 seconds.

Follow the steps:

Now enjoy!
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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Change facebook name after reaching limits

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You should know that you can also change your facebook name after reaching the maximum limits, but the only problem for people who don't like to detect their real names, this method requires your real name because you will be asked for your identity documents (driving licence, national ID...).

So to make this change you should go to:
and fill the form correctly and without any mistakes.

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Bring back deleted icon on iPhone

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iPhone 8

Maybe you deleted by accident an icon of an application on your iPhone and you would like to restore it, it's easy don't worry just follow the following steps:

Go to App Store on your iPhone.

Select your profile icon at the right corner at the top.

Tap on " Purchased ".

Select " My Purchases "

Then choose " Not on this iPhone ".

Now you will see a list of all your applications, just find the application you deleted and re-install it by taping the cloud icon.

► Now the Download will begin and congratulations!

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Recover a hacked facebook

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facebook hacked

If you lost your Facebook account and you still remember your old password then congratulation! you can still able to recover your Facebook account by following simple steps.

► So what you need to do?

Go to this link:

Then Click on "My Account is compromised"

Hacked Facebook

After that, you enter your username, e-mail or phone number...

Hacked Facebook

Now enter your current or an old password you remember:

Hacked Facebook

After doing those steps just follow the others steps given by Facebook and you will recover your hacked Facebook.

If That didn't work with you try to contact Facebook directly from this Link:

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Maximize your computer's security

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The Security is the most important thing in the life, and it's most important thing in virtual life too because without security your information is in danger.

in this article, we will tell you all the possible tricks and methods to maximize the security of your computer in the following steps:

Install Antivirus:
Install the antivirus into your computer helps to fight viruses and malware but you must choose the right one and we advise you to use ESET Smart Security

Install Antimalware:
The antivirus can't fight some types of viruses like the malware, worms, and trojan, but anti-malware can destroy them, so it's important to get and antimalware too and we advise you to use Malwarebytes.

Keep your computer always updated:
You must always update your computer via windows updates because Microsoft keeps updating his database for improving the experience and the security of the users.

Don't install suspected applications:
Before you install a new unknown application on your computer you should first test her in Virtual Machine to make sure that it's clean and it's not dangerous for your computer, because it's can be loaded by ransomware.

Don't give control to other people:
Maybe you find some people who ask you to give them control to your computer by team viewer or something like that, and this can happen to much if you are a gamer or play online games.

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Convert between PDF and Word using Google Drive

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PDF to word

It's hard to edit PDF files with your computer and you must buy some expensive programs to do this.
so you need to convert it to an editable text file but it's also hard and you need to buy expensive applications .

in this article, we will show you how to convert a PDF file to Word using Google Drive, and how to convert Word to PDF using Google Drive, in some easy steps and online.

so, first of all, you need to upload your PDF file to Google Drive.

it looks like this:

Google Drive PDF

After that Right Click ► Open With ► Google Docs:

Google Drive PDF

Now you can edit it with this method online in Google Docs:

Google Drive PDF

or you can download it to edit it on your computer when you are offline or something like that by clicking on File ► Download as ► Microsoft Word (.docx).

Google Drive PDF

You can edit it offline and after finishing from the edition you can upload it again to Google Drive and re-download it as PDF file again and Congratulation you are now converting your files for free and with a legal method.

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How to add meta tag keywords to your website

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Meta tag keywords

The other most important thing for the search engines optimization is caring your website's keywords, because if you detect them very well then make sure the search engines will love and find your website very fast.

so to take care of the keywords on your website you must add the meta tag keywords.

To add them, just enter this code after the opening tag <head>.

<meta content=' Your Keywords Here ' name='keywords'/>

Save the changes and congratulations, your website now has a meta tag keywords and it's will help the search engines to detect your website.
it's better to not create more than 30 words.

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