Android Reskin And Google Policy

Reskin and google
Reskin and Google

The Android world is a treasure, you can make a lot of money from it.
Some people face difficulties when they try to develope an Android application, because they don't know the Developing Languages, that's why they go to the only solution which is Reskining the Android Applications.

They use this solution to modify applications and uploading them on Google Play Store to earn some money.

Reskin Android Applications is take an Android Application Source code and change the designs and backgrounds inside the application.

The Reskin is Against Google's Policy or no? 

Yes & 100 Yes Reskin is tottaly against google policy because the users who do like this, they stole the Copyrights of other people, and to protect the copyrights of others, google fight the people who reskin the Android Application, and when google start a war against something be sure that google will win 100%, if you reskin be sure you will lose this war because you cannot beat the engineers of google, you will try over & over, and they will not surrender, you will just keep losing your money buying Google Play Store accounts & they keep deleting it, that's why you should work in legal things if you want deal with google.

There are some authorized Reskins when you buy a Source Code from a developer, he should deal with you in the license that he authorized you to reskin the application as you wish, because you will need this license when google ask you for it, or when google delete your work, contact them and show them the license and they will give you the permission to upload you reskined application on Play Store and never deleting it even if people give her low rates.

So if you want to start Reskining Android Application you should have that in the license between you and the Develoer when you buy the Source Code.


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