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♦ Android Root
♦ Android Unroot
2 words you will see wherever you go in android forums, websites and talks, because it's all about the android root and unroot, so let's talk about this a little.

  • What is Android root? 
The root give you a full access to your android device, it's makes you the king in your device, because there are some settings & options you cannot control when you are a normal user, it's managed by samsung & google, but when you root your Android Device you can control everything in your Android device, like installing forbiden applications, getting the access to Other options and more.

  • Root is good or bad? 
As we said the root give you access to some options managed by your mobile company, but when you root you android device you make this options managed by you, and you stop the company from editing it, and you will receive no more updates, for exemple if there are a firmware update, you will cannot install it from the update menu, you should install it manually using your computer and your android device, and also the security options you should manage your security by yourself, so when you decide to root your android device you should take responsibility.

  • How to root Android Device?
There are many and lot of ways to to this operation, you can root your mobile using you computer, and you can root it with some APK application and the famous one is [KINGROOT] it's fast and secure, and it's garanted.

  • How to unroot Android Device?
You can use you computer or application APK, and here is a simple way:
♦ Download SuperSu from Google Play Store.
♦ Open it and scroll down until you find "Full Unroot"
♦ choose it, when SuperSu finish it will close and your device will be restart.

So that was about the root & the unroot of The Android Device.


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