Android vs iOS

Android vs iOS
Android vs iOS

The biggest battle in the virtual is between google's Android & apple's iOs, the most powerfull and greats operating systems used primarily in mobile phones.

You may want to know how to choose your mobile phone's operating system, and what's the best one to use, that's why you should choose carefully your phone's or tablet's system.

So let's talk about this.

  • Developer:
iOS: Apple
Android: Google

  • Source Model:
iOS: Closed Source
Android: Open Source

  • Languages:
iOS: 34 Languages
Android: 32 Languages

  • File Manager:
iOS: Not Available
Android: Available

  • Interface:
Android & iOS use the same interface.

♦ Android can be the best choice if you want your mobile phone for fun, but if you want it for a professional works we advice you to choose iOS, because this last is the best operating system for professional work.

♦ Hardware & Software both are optimised and signed by Apple, for adroid it's about an open source.

♦ Downloading unknown source Android applications can dammage your phone by malwares, that's why apple don't allow the open source, they decrease the chance of the infection of your phone with malwares.

♦ When we talk about the privacy you should choose apple's system because it's so secure.

To here let us tell you that the both systems are awesome because it's so hard to know the difference between the giants.

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