Find your mobile phone after losing it

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Find Lost Mobile

You may lost your mobile phone, and you look for a way to get it back.

In this article we will show you a legal & cool trick from SAMSUNG to help you get back your mobile phone & control it from distance.

First go to your mobile phone.

go to "Settings" and scroll down to "Security" , then choose "Find my mobile".

After doing the steps it's will ask you for your SAMSUNG account, if you already have one login, and if you don't have all what you need to do is to create one for free by choosing Create SAMSUNG account.

After doing that you should activate remote conrols.

Find Mobile with gps

Now your mobile is completly conected to SAMSUNG Servers and you can trace it and control it from anywhere just you need to login your SAMSUNG account.

All what you need to do is just go this SAMSUNG website:

Then loggin using your username & password of your SAMSUNG account you created.
after login in a map will apear & it will show you the curent location of your mobile phone, then a control options will apear like this:

Track Mobile With GPS

From the options suggested you can choose to ring the lost mobile phone, or lock it by a pin or password.

and also you can contact the holder of the mobile by message.
So you should really register an account in SAMSUNG and activate this service to keep your mobile and your privacy safe.


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