How to make you Android Battery Life Longer

Save Battery Life, make the battery life longer
Save Battery Life

Many Android Devices users have the problem of the short battery life, because Android operating systeme use a lot of processuses and that makes the systeme tired and consume the battery faster.

So how can you avoid the fast death of battery life ?

Today in this article we will answer this question and giving you some nice & cool methods to save your bettery and make his life longer.

  • Black Wallpaper:
It's a little weird, but it's true, a black wallpaper can save your battery life, if you use a black wallpaper in the home background of you Android phone you can save your bettery by 50%, because the screens illuminate just the colored pixels, and doesn't illuminate the black pixels, so if you use a completly black wallpaper you can save up to 50% from your battery life, and use less light.

  • Turn of the vibratot:
As we all know the most thing expend energy is the movement, that's why the vibrator is the most ennemy of your battery life, because he use a lot of energy from the battery to move.

  • 3G/4G Service:
You want to be connected to the internet but you should know that the activation of 3G/4G service is drinking your battery like you drink water, Turn off them when you don't need them that's help save your battery life.

  • Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS:
They are like the 3G/4G service, you should turn them off when you don't need them because they kill the battery life so fast.

  • Auto-Sync Trap:
Don't activate the auto-Sync in your phone because it will be always active and using your battery.

  • Close the applications:
After you finish with some application go to Application Manager and Stop it, because when you just leave, the applications stay open in the background and keep using the battery life.

If You know any other tricks please share it with us in comments.


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