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Windows Defender

Maybe you ask yourself... what's the best antivirus i can use ? 
Today we will answer this question for you dear visitor.

The internet is full of many types of viruses ( Malwares, Viruses, rootkits...) and for the protection of your computer & your privacy you should choose the best Antivirus to take care of those bad Viruses.

We will suggest for you the best clean antivirus you can install to protect your computer, it's Windows Defender, it's powerfull against all types of Viruses, and the extraordinary in this, is that program is free, complectly supported by microsoft and always up to date.

Windows Defender protect you computer against: 

  • Viruses.
  • Malwares.
  • Spywares.
  • Rootkits.
  • All the other threats.
Windows defender can work on:

  • Virus Protection & removal.
  • Malwares protection & removal.
  • Boot time protection.
  • Real time protection.
  • Network Protection.
  • Offline systeme scanning & cleaning.
  • Block the suspected softwares.
And as we said already the beautiful about this program that is tottaly free and supported by the biggest Web company " Microsoft "

For the users of Windows 7 or older you should use Security Essentials.


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