Scan Computer's RAM and repair it [Windows]

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RAM repair

You may face some computer's Problems like the system freezing, the occasionally shutdown and physical problems, but you don't know how to fix it.

This problems is caused by you Random Access Memory (RAM) because it's not stable, and you should scan it and repair it.

So follow this simple steps to Scan and repair your RAM Problems:

  • Go to Search.
  • Search For Windows Memory Diagnostic.
♦ You can also press the windows key+r and type "mdsched.exe".

  • Then a window apear, you should select "restart Now and check for problems".
  • After that your computer will restart and the Memory Diagnostic window will apear in the next restart.
  • And the system will start the scan ( a message will inform you if any errors detected).
  • After that the system will restart and repair automatically the errors if possible.


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