Thursday, March 23, 2017

Signs mean that your computer infected by Viruses

Infected computed

Sometimes you can see some weirds things happen in your computer and you don't know how & why.

In this article we will talk about some signs, if you found it on your computer then you should scan it or something.

  • Pop-Up ads:
This is a popular thing, if you see lot of pop-up while you serfer in the internet then you should take care of your computer and pay attention, because your computer is infected by "ADWARE".

  • Auto shutdow of Security Programs:
In this case that's mean that your computer is infected by Malwares, because malwares can control you computer options, and by that you should download Anti-malware software.

  • New Programs appears on your computer:
You may see new applications installed on your computer without you didn't authorized, that's mean also that your computer is full of Malwares.

  • Your computer is too slow:
When you see that your computer is too slow, you can clean it using an anti-rootkits, because the root-kits works on making your systeme slow.

Those are the most signs which mean that your computer is infected by Malwares or viruses.

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