Fix Google Play Store Issues

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Fix Google Play Store

► Your Google Play Store not working ?

You may face problems when you try to open you Google Play Store, that's why today in this article we will discuss all the solutions for this problem.

  • The solutions you can try: 

► Check you Time & Date:

 ♦ You need to check the Time & Date in your Android device because it's so important for the device to stay up to date and getting the latests informations from the servers, and to fix this you need to go into your settings and adjust the time and the date.

► Clear Google Play Store Cache:

 ♦ Some times you should clean the Cache for better performances, because the cache just make the things go wrong, it's like the trash of an application, that's why it's so important to clear the cache if you face any problem, and make it the solution number 1.

► Check Google Play Services:

 ♦ You may need to check Google Play Services, maybe you should clear his cache, if still having problem, then clear all the Data.

► Disable you VPN:

 ♦ If you use an illegal VPN google Play Store will cannot work, because it's cause problems in you Android Device.



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