Add Website To Google WebMaster

Rank website, make your website number 1 in google, make your website in the first results in google

Want more high quality traffic to your website ? 
Then you must put it in Google WebMaster Tool, so that why today we will show you the right way to put it in.

♦ Go to Google WebMaster

♦ Next Step click on add property.

♦ it's will ask you to upload metatag to your blog or website, they will show you many ways, you can chose the easy one.

♦ After that confirme that you are the proprietor of this website.

♦ then scroll down until you find " Sitemap "

♦ Go to google and search for "Blogger Sitemap".

♦ Type the url of your website, and click on generate.

♦ after that copy the link and paste it in google webmaster and you done ! 


The Geek

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