Dead Trigger Android Game

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Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger is Another Android Game listed in the First Person Shooting Category.
This Game it's about a survivor who try to save his life from some Zombies, and this story is like the old stories ( Resident Evil, Silent Hill... ).

In Dead Trigger when you play you win some points and this game offers you many weapons and items to use and that's making this game so amazing, excited and full of adventure, and also you can can find so many playing modes:

 Main Quest: This is the main thing in the game and you should play in it always to earn progress.
♦ Deffence: This mode you should deffend a car or a door to win the round.
♦ Killing: This mode you should kill a specified number of zombies to earn the round.

So let us talk about the ressources of the game like Gold, Money and a casino spin, and those thing give you ability to buy weapons and items.

Dead Trigger

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