Why You shouldn't Use uTorrent

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Maybe you get the most of your programs, games or movies from The Torrent, and You use uTorrent for downloading this.

Today we have some bad news about this software called uToorent.

When Install uTorrent, This program install a Bitcoin Miner with it under the name: " Epic Scale " and it's actually a Bitcoin Mining Software used by this program in your computer, that's why your computer always slow after installing uTorrent.

utorrent bitcoin miner

Not just this ! 

This Program use Flash for The ADS, which mean that uTorrent install and bring Malwares to the user computer, and the Malwares are so dangerous for the personals infos (Pictures, Bank Data, Virtual Accounts...).

► And for your informations, this Malwares won't be found by the AntiViruses Programs.

 So we advice you to use An Open Source Program to Download Your Torrents, and you can find it here:


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