Monday, July 10, 2017

Adsense on URL Shortener Revenue Sharing

URL Shortener Adsense

Hello guys, probably you found something talk about URL shortener and AdSense.

That's why you are here, I know you want just to know if this is legal or no.

► Google Adsense is the global Number 1 Ad Network in All times and it's the first one in the world because it's honest and clean.

► Google Adsense is about marketing, which means you must be honest and don't cheat the people and bring real visitors and high-quality traffic, not a business.

So if you use a cheating website like URL Shortener revenue sharing your AdSense account will be banned because it's not legal.

The Answer is: URL Shortener Revenue Sharing is illegal and your adsense will be banned !!

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