Adsense on URL Shortener Revenue Sharing

Google adsense and url shortener, URL shortener revenue sharing
URL Shortener Adsense

Hello guys, probably you found something talk about URL shortener and AdSense.

That's why you are here, I know you want just to know if this is legal or no.

► Google Adsense is the global Number 1 Ad Network in All times and it's the first one in the world because it's honest and clean.

► Google Adsense is about marketing, which means you must be honest and don't cheat the people and bring real visitors and high-quality traffic, not a business.

So if you use a cheating website like URL Shortener revenue sharing your AdSense account will be banned because it's not legal.

The Answer is: URL Shortener Revenue Sharing is illegal and your adsense will be banned !!


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