Monday, August 14, 2017

Best Bitcoin Mining Softwares


You are now ready to know about Bitcoin mining and learn how to mine Bitcoin in your own computer.

► Bitcoin Mining Software is a software used by your computer to solve math problems and algorithms to get Bitcoin.

Now let us tell you the best Bitcoin mining softwares:

1- Bitcoin Miner:

Bitcoin Miner is a Microsoft signed and secured Bitcoin mining software and you can find it in Windows Store and download it from there, it's with a power saving mode and mining pool support.

2- CGMiner:

The Most famous Bitcoin miner in the world with many specials features
→ Fan speed control.
→ self-detection of new blocks.
→ and more..

3- BTC Miner:

A good Bitcoin mining software because it's an open source and it has many good features and it's better for weak computers.

4- BFGMiner:

BFGMiner is just like CGMiner, fast, secure and good, without forget to say that it's optimized to work on weak computers.

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