Best Phones With Battery Life in 2017

Best Phone with Battery life

In 2017 many phones has been produced, but the question is … Which Phone has the best battery life in 2017 ?

In this article we will compare the phones with great battery life and choose the best one for the thrones in 2017.
♦ [Apple] iPhone X:                       08h36min
♦ [Apple] iPhone 8:                                               10h36min
♦ [Apple] iPhone 8 Plus:                   08h40min
♦ [BlackBerry] KEYone:                                                        12h26min
♦ [Google] Google Pixel 2:                08h42min
♦ [HTC] U11:                                             09h03min
♦ [Huawei] P10                 : 07h42min
♦ [LG] G6:                     06h09min
♦ [LG] V30:                                                     09h34min
♦ [Motorola] Moto Z2 Play:                        09h19min
♦ [Motorola] Moto Z2 Force Edition:  07h36min
♦ [Nokia] Nokia 8:                                     08h59min
♦ [OnePlus] OnePlus 5:                                    09h18min
♦ [Samsung] Samsung Galaxy S8:       08h22min
♦ [Samsung] Samsung Galaxy S8+:  08h02min
♦ [Samsung] Samsung Galaxy S8 Active:                10h57min
♦ [Samsung] Samsung Note 8: 07h50min
♦ [Sony] Xperia XZ Premium:         08h15min
♦ [Xiaomi] Mi 6:                                               09h14min
1♦ [Xiaomi] Mi MIX 2:                                   09h05min

So the best phone with battery life is BlackBerry KEYone with battery life duration: 12h26min, let’s us remind your that this device has won the Golden Raspberry Award of battery life.
And the LG G6 is the worst phone on battery life because it’s scored just 06h09min.


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