BitDefender Review: All Products


BitDefender is the strongest Antivirus until now due to the statistics of “The Best Antivirus in 2017”.
so let’s take a little time to review this Antivirus.

✪ We have 3 Versions of this Antivirus:
✔ Bitdefender Antivirus Plus.
✔ Bitdefender Internet Security.
✔ Bitdefender Total Security.

All the above versions are good but there are some differences in protection and Performances.
Bitdefender Antivirus Plus:
This is the low-cost Antivirus from Bitdefender and it’s cost almost 26,9$ for a year and just for 1 device, this Antivirus can help you in the protection of your computer and it works only for Windows operating system and you will get continuous updates from the database of Bitdefender.

Bitdefender Internet Security:
This product has a great protection against the viruses and Malwares, with some good advanced features in protection, it’s cost almost 33,1$ for a year and for 3 devices, and also this product is available only for Windows operating system and with continuous updates from the database of Bitdefender.

Bitdefender Total Security:
This is the most powerful warrior of Bitdefender, it’s cost almost 59,5$ for a year and for 3 devices, the protection of this product is awesome and also the performances they are great, he is available for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS, in addition to this, there are continuous updates for this product from Bitdefender’s database.

So now let’s make a general comparison for the products of Bitdefender.
Bitdefender Products Comparison.

💪 Features
Antivirus Plus
Internet Security
Total Security
Online Support
Intelligent Antivirus
Ransomware Protection
Browser Protection
Wi-Fi Protection
Online Banking Protection
Vulnerability Scan
File Shredder
Webcam Protection
Files Protection
Parental Control
Files Encryption
Optimize Device
Windows Protection
Mac Os Protection
Android Protection
iOS Protection
Continuous Updates

So that’s was the best comparison between all Bitdefender products and advice you to choose “Bitdefender Total Security“.


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