What is Google Play Protect

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To fight the spam and the bad applications in Google Play Store, Google has made a new technology called Google Play Protect.

Every one of us knows that there are millions of Android Applications are being uploaded to Google Play Store daily and without any doubt, there are bad malwares and application between this applications.

To fight this malwares Google created a new technology called Google Play Protect.

This technology was created to fight the spam applications and malwares by checking all the uploaded applications continuously.

It’s the security system that never sleeps, it’s working 24/24 to keep Google Play Store safe and to protect the users from malwares and bad application, and you can see it for example if you want to download a big application like WhatsApp or Facebook you will find a small sign “Verified by Google Play Protect”

Verified By Google Play Protect

and that’s mean that the application is safe and secured.

This new technology can also check the installed applications on your Android device and tell you if they are safe for you or not, and there are more than 50 billion application scanned every day to make sure that everyone is safe with Android and Google.

This technology can be used to protect your navigation on the internet if you prefer to use Google Chrome, and you will be warned whenever you visit a bad website.

And to verify the installed applications on your Android:

► Open Google Play StoreGoogle Play Store icon

► Click on the Menu and click on Play Protect IconGoogle Play Protect icon

► Then the scan will be started and you will find the results at the end of the scan.

Please let us remind you that this service from Google is being updated hourly and daily to keep Google Play Store and the Android devices of the users safe and protecting their data from bad people and bad malwares.

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